Stretch Pregnancy – Stretch Scars and Home Remedies

What’s the Deal with Stretch Scars?

Stretch pregnancy scars form when the skin is stretched rapidly during pregnancy. Most women develop stretch marks during the late trimesters of pregnancy though some women start to develop them more quickly as soon as their bellies start to grow.

Stretch scars are small tears that form in the tissues that extend support to the skin and helps it stretch. Stretch marks represent the separation of collagen in the skin when tearing happens. Stretch marks are not harmful or painful and usually fade with time.

General Remedies

The best stretch mark remedy , and the primary way to avoid them is to be careful during pregnancy. Keep your body well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This will increase the elasticity of your skin and prevent stretch marks from appearing. Apply generous amounts of rich moisturizing cream on your abdomen, thighs and breasts (cocoa butter cream is a favorite among expecting mothers). This saturates your skin with moisture.
Most women worry about stretch pregnancy marks after they have their baby. Fortunately most stretch marks fade with time. Usually 12 months after birth the stretch marks are lighter and less visible. Many women notice their stretch marks will fade into whitish lines that are less noticeable.
Some women have very severe stretch pregnancy marks that impact their self esteem after pregnancy. There are many treatments for women who want to improve the appearance of stretch marks.

Here are TEN specific stretch mark home remedies to reduce or eliminate stretch marks

  • Stretch Mark Home Remedy#1: Apply cream with vitamin K is useful in the treatment of stretch marks. Foods with vitamin K may also be included in the diet and are green vegetables, tomatoes, and dairy products.
  • Stretch Mark Home Remedy#2: Applying lavender oil on the marks three times a day will help fade marks fairly quickly. This is one of the home remedies that is simple and good for stretch marks.
  • Stretch Mark Home Remedy#3: Applying aloe vera gel or vitamin E (In Tummy Honey Butter) also helps heal stretch scars and is an excellent home remedy for stretch marks.
  • Stretch Mark Home Remedy#4: Application of Vaseline Intensive Care Cream on the stomach during pregnancy helps prevent stretch marks.
  • Stretch Mark Home Remedy#5: Applying cocoa butter (in Tummy Honey Butter) during pregnancy helps in the treatment of stretch marks.
  • Stretch Mark Home Remedy#6: Eat good amounts of seeds and nuts containing zinc help prevent stretch marks. This is a good diet to reduce stretch pregnancy marks as well.
  • Stretch Mark Home Remedy#7: Prepare a solution by adding one ounce of carrier oil (you can use avocado, almond oil, jojoba oil, these are the best – In Tummy Honey Butter) with seven drops of lavender and a few drops of chamomile. Apply it to affected areas.
  • Stretch Mark Home Remedy#8: Regular exercise tones the muscles and holds them tight. This works to both prevent and treat stretch marks.
  • Stretch Mark Home Remedy#9: Body massage with aromatic oils will also reduce the chances of stretch marks.
  • Stretch Mark Home Remedy#10: Rub the area with apricot scrub to reduce the marks in a short period of time. This is a good home remedy for stretch scars
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